At U90 Coaching, we empower individuals, teams and organizations to define their core beliefs and goals, then help unify them around these common values.


At U90 Coaching, we empower teams and organizations to define their core beliefs and goals, then help unify them around these common values.



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The catalyst for the name “U90” is derived from a skilled shooting technique in soccer. There’s a small area of the goal – referred to as “the upper 90” – where, if a ball is shot directly into it, it’s virtually impossible for it to be stopped. Placing the ball into the upper 90 section of the goal requires technical precision and carefully honed skills. Some would define the technique as the “x-factor” for a player. It is a shooting technique capitalized by players with the perseverance, tenacity, concentration, grit, and willingness to work – even when that work is hard and seemingly unrewarding.

The U90 coaching ideal isn’t about achieving the perfect upper 90 shot, it is about the courage and dedication required to take the shot and the aspirations to achieve greatness. At U90, we challenge our clients to achieve the kinds of goals they never dreamed possible, creating more effective leaders and more successful businesses. U90 was born of the belief that what you cannot perform technically, you cannot execute tactically. We work with our clients to help them develop the technical skills needed to tactically execute with success.

Client Thoughts

I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than Phil. He has top-notch facilitation skills and was very supportive throughout the coaching process. He helped me assess my own strengths and made me realize my true potential. He aided me in coming up with an actionable plan and made me feel accountable to myself.  The entire process felt like a journey of self-discovery led by a guide who walks with you and helps you find your own path. If anyone is looking to create a better version of themselves and realize their true potential Phil can help you and it’s worth the time to have a conversation about it.

Thanks again Phil for leading me through the process.

Kartik Agarwal
Senior Manager, Software Engineering • Dell Technologies

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for offering personal development and coaching for Kartik. Kartik found it extremely helpful. Sitting in many of the joint sessions, I’d say that you did an outstanding job through your active listening, questioning, empathizing as well as summarizing and reflecting. Throughout the process, you remained focused and non-judgmental. In my 1:1’s with Kartik, he mentioned that your feedback in this whole process was very constructive, motivating, and actionable and he really enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks again for offering this to Kartik, very much appreciated.

Rajesh Nair
Director, Software Engineering  • Dell Technologies


Phil Barker is a veteran of the IT industry, having served more than 20 years as an IT professional. Through his professional experience, Phil realized that, as his career evolved with promotions and managerial roles, he was not fully prepared for the challenges and specialized skillsets required for effective people leadership.

Still maintaining his full-time roles, Phil returned to school for a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, a master’s degree in Coaching and Consulting and an MBA. While his many degrees and certifications have given him the skillset necessary to effectively coach others, it’s Phil’s day-to-day experience as a team player, manager, coach, and leader in large organizations that empower him to help his clients realize effective change.

Phil started U90 Coaching with the idea of coaching his clients in the technical (hard and soft) skills they need to tactically reach – and exceed – their goals, both in their personal and professional lives.


At U90 Coaching, we lead with the mindset that there is no better feeling than stepping into a challenge and stunning others by doing what none of them thought you could.